Eligibility Criteria with T&Cs

Eligibility Criteria and other Terms

 1.      An applicant shall be considered for funding on condition that they have an admission to an accredited programme/course(s) from a chartered University or recognized Higher Education Institution.

 2.      HESFB supports students pursuing undergraduate diploma and undergraduate programmes. Plans are underway to finance Post graduate programmes and Doctoral Studies in the near future.

 3.      The scheme is meant for Ugandan students seeking financial assistance to pursue an accredited programme of Higher Education in an accredited Higher Education Institution recognized by the National Council for Higher Education.

 4.      An applicant must demonstrate that they cannot afford the costs for higher Education.

 5.      The Board determines the Students' eligibility into the scheme and takes into consideration regional balance, gender, social economic needs and equity.

 6.      The Board retains the right to evaluate all loan applications and determine the number of beneficiaries.

 Note: This application is not a guarantee that the loan shall be approved.