HESFB 2018/19 Approved HEIs and Courses

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

To-date, HESFB has awarded loans to a total of 5, 259 beneficiaries consisting of 3,784 (72%) Males and 1,475 (28%) Females to accredited programs and institutions of Higher Learning by National Council for Higher Education.

The Board started with 26 undergraduate programs in 12 Chartered Universities during the year 2014/15. The Board has since scaled up courses to include 72 diplomas and 126 undergraduate programs that include 6 arts courses for affirmative action targeting persons with disabilities.

The Board also increased Higher Education Institutions to 19 Public and Private Chartered Universities and 33 Other Tertiary Institutions in Uganda. Attached include the Chart showing Approved Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions(OTIs)... Download to get the details.