1. Busitema University
  2. Gulu University
  3. Kabale University
  4. Kyambogo University
  5. Lira University
  6. Makerere University
  7. Mbarara University of Science & Technology
  8. Muni University
  9. Soroti University
  10. Mountains of the Moon University
  11. Makerere University Business School (An Affiliate of Makerere
  1. Private Universities
  2.  African Bible University
  3. Bishop Stuart University
  4. Bugema University
  5. International University of East Africa
  6. ISBAT University
  7. Islamic University in Uganda
  8. Kampala International University
  9. Kampala University
  10. Muteesa I Royal University
  11. Ndejje University
  12. Nkumba University
  13. Uganda Christian University
  14. Uganda Martyrs University
  15. University of Kisubi
  16. Victoria University


1. B. Medicine & B. Surgery
2. B. Dental Surgery

1. B. Pharmacy
2. B. Pharmaceutical Sciences

1. B. Biomedical Laboratory Technology
2. B. Medical Lab. Completion
3. B. Biomedical Laboratory Science & Technology
4. Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science
5. Bachelor of Bio Technology
6. Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Technology
7. Bachelor of Medical Laboratory

1. Bachelor of Nursing Sciences
2. B. Nursing Completion
3. Bachelor of Midwifery Science
4. BSc. Midwifery
5. B. Nursing Extension

1. Bachelor of Sustainable Agricand Extension
2. Bachelor of Agricultural Entrepreneurship & Farm Mgt
3. BSc Agricultural Land use and Management
4. B. Agriculture & Entrepreneurship
5. Bachelor of Conservation Biology
6. Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Industry and Business
7. Bachelor of Agricultural and Rural Innovation
8. Bachelor of Agribusiness Mgt & Community Dev’t
9. B. Conservation Forestry and Products Technology
10. Bachelor of Agribusiness Management
11. BSc Fisheries and Aquaculture
12. Bachelor of Agriculture
13. BSc. Food Science & Technology
14. BSc Fisheries and Water Resource Management
15. Bachelor of Social and Entrepreneurship Forestry Bachelor of Community Forestry

1. B. Science in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
2. Bachelor of Science in Animation and Visual Effects
3. Bachelor of Science in Networking and Cyber Security
4. Bachelor of Information Technology
5. Bachelor of Information Technology and Computing
6. Bachelor of Information Systems
7. BSc. Computer Networks & Systems Administration
8. BSc. of Information & Communications Technology
9. BSc. Computer Science

1. B. Statistics
2. BSc Quantitative Economics
3. BSc Actuarial Science
4. BSc Mathematics, Economics,
Statistics & Computer Science
5. Bachelor of Business Statistics

1. B. Veterinary Medicine
2. BSc. Animal Production Technology & Management
3. BSc. Wildlife Health and Management

1. BSc. Industrial Chemistry
2. BSc. Microbiology
3. BSc. Biochemistry
4. Bachelor of Science in Marine Science

1. Bachelor of Science with Education
2. B. Vocational Studies in Technological
Studies with Education
3. B. of Medical Education
4. B. Agricultural Extension Education
5. Bachelor of Vocational Studies with
6. Bachelor of Education with ICT

1. BSc. Speech & Language Therapy
2. B. Education, Special Needs
3. B. of Teacher Education with Special
Needs Education.

1. BScin Mechanical & Automotive Engineering
2. BSc Land Economics
3. BSc. Agriculture Mechanization
4. BSc. Bio Systems Engineering
5. B. Technical Teacher Education Electrical Engineering
6. B. Technical Teacher Education Mechanical Engineering
7. B. Technical Teacher Education – Mechanical & Production Eng
8. B. Technical Teacher Education- Civil & Building Eng
9. BSc Information Technology with Education
10. BSc. Laboratory Science Education & Industry
11. B Vocational Studies in Agriculture with Education
12. Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics & Communication
13. BSc. Mechanical Engineering
14. Bachelor of Engineering in Environmental Engineering & Mgt
15. Bachelor of Science in Textile Engineering
16. Bachelor of Land Use Planning and Management
17. Bachelor of Science in Building Economics
18. Bachelor of Engineering in
Environmental Engineering and Management (EEM)
19. B. of Urban & Regional Planning
20. BSc. Agro Processing Engineering
21. BSc. Civil Engineering
22. BSc. Electrical Engineering
23. BSc. Mining Engineering
24. BSc. Civil, Building & Environmental Engineering
25. B. Agricultural Mechanization & Irrigation Engineering
26. BSc. Software Eng and Application Development
27. B. Engineering in Automotive & Power Engineering
28. Bachelor of Industrial Engineering & Management
29. BSc. Software Engineering
30. BSc. Textile Engineering & Clothing Technology
31. Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering
32. B of Mechatronics & Biomedical Engineering
33. Bachelor of Environmental Design
34. B. Architecture
35. BSc. Electrical, Electronics & Communications Eng
36. B. Eng in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
37. BSc. Surveying
38. BSc Survey and Land Formation
39. B. Engineering in Civil and Building Engineering
40. Bachelor of Science in Quantity Surveying
41. Bachelor of Industrial Engineering and Management
42. Bachelor of Surveying and Land Information Systems
43. Bachelor of Science in Land Surveying & Geomantic
44. BSc. Telecommunications Engineering
45. BSc. Computer Engineering
46. BSc. Construction Management
47. BSc. Chemical Engineering
48. Bachelor of Material and Ceramic Science Technology
49. BSc. Water Resource Engineering

1. BSc. Geological Resources
2. BSc. Petroleum & Geoscience Engineering
3. BSc. Oil & Gas Management

1. BSc. Optometry
2. Bachelor of Cytotechology
3. B. Physiotherapy
4. Bachelor of Science in Public Health
5. BSc. Human Nutrition and Dietetics
6. Bachelor of Environmental Health Science
7. Bachelor of Dental Laboratory Technology
8. BSc. Palliative Care
9. BSc. Medical Radiography
10. BSc Health Administration
11. Bachelor of Science in Medical Imaging Technology

1. Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management
2. Bachelor of Hotel and Hospitality Management
3. Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management
4. Bachelor of Tourism Management
5. Bachelor of Leisure and Hospitality Management
6. Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Management
7. Bachelor of Catering and Hotel Management
8. Bachelor of Tourism and Hotel Management

Persons with Disabilities can apply to Pursue any accredited Programme of their choice from any of the listed Higher Learning Institutions.


  1. Uganda Institute of Allied Health & Mgt Sciences (Mulago Paramedical School)
  2. Health Tutors’ College – Mulago
  3. Fort Portal College of Health Sciences
  4. Gulu College of Health Sciences
  5. Mbale College of Health Sciences
  6. Butabika School of Psychiatry Clinical Medicine
  7. Jinja School of Ophthalmic Clinical Medicine
  8. Mbale School of Hygiene / Environmental Health Science
  9. Jinja Medical Laboratory Training School
  1. Institute of Survey and Land Management
  2. National Meteorological Training School
  3. Nakawa Vocational Training College
  4. Uganda Institute of Information and Communications Technology
  5. Uganda Petroleum Institute Kigumba
  6. Uganda Technical College, Bushenyi
  7. Uganda Technical College, Elgon
  8. Uganda Technical College, Kicwamba
  9. Uganda Technical College, Kyema
  10. Uganda Technical College, Lira
  1. Arua School of Comprehensive Nursing
  2. Butabika Psychiatric Nursing School
  3. Jinja School of Nursing & Midwifery
  4. Kabale School of Comprehensive Nursing
  5. Soroti School of Comprehensive Nursing
  6. Mulago School of Nursing & Midwifery
  7. Public Health Nurses College
  8. Lira School of Comprehensive Nursing
  9. Masaka School of Comprehensive Nursing
  1. Bukalasa Agricultural College
  2. Uganda Wildlife Research & Training Institute – Kasese
  3. Fisheries Training Institute
  4. Nyabyeya Forestry College
  1. Uganda Hotel and Tourism Training Institute


1. Diploma in Clinical Psychiatry
2. Diploma in Mental Health
3. Diploma in Ophthalmology
4. Diploma in Orthopedic Medicine
5. Diploma in Clinical Medicine & Community Health
6. Advanced Diploma in Child and Adolscent Mental Health

1. Diploma in Science Laboratory
2. Diploma in Medical Laboratory

1. Diploma in Nursing
2. Diploma in Public Health Nursing
3. Diploma in Clinical Mentoring
4. Advanced Diploma in Paediatric
5. Diploma in Psychiatric Nursing
6. Diploma in Midwifery
7. Diploma in Medical Records and Health

1. Diploma in Pharmacy

1. Diploma in Multimedia and Animation
2. Diploma in Networking & Cyber Security
3. Diploma in Software Engineering
4. Diploma in Computer Science
5. Diploma in Hardware and Networking
6. Diploma in Infromation Technology

1. Diploma in Ceramics
2. Diploma in Ceramics Technology
3. Diploma in Civil and Building Engineering
4. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
5. Diploma in Building & Construction Engineering
6. Diploma in Electrical Engineering
7. Diploma in Mechanical and Production Engineering.
8. Diploma in Building Engineering
9. Diploma in Ginning Engineering
10. Diploma in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
11. Diploma in Water Engineering
12. Diploma in Automobile Engineering
13. Diploma in Architecture
14. Diploma in Textile Design and Surface Design
15. Diploma in Computer Engineering
16. Diploma in Biomedical Engineering
17. Diploma in Physical Planning
18. Diploma in Metrology
19. Diploma in Agricultural Engineering
20. Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
21. Diploma in Textile Design and Technology
22. Diploma in Civil Engineering Surveying/Land Surveying
23. Diploma in Land Management and Evaluation
24. Diploma in Cartography
25. Diploma in Telecommunications Engineering

1. Diploma in Physical Education and Sports Management
2. Diploma in Secondary Education (Technological Studies/Science Education)
3. Diploma in Clinical Instruction
4. Diploma in Health Tutorship

1. Diploma in Fisheries Management and Technology
2. Diploma in Crop Production And Management
3. Diploma in Food Processing Technology
4. Diploma in Sustainable Agriculture
5. Diploma in Wildlife Health Management
6. Diploma in wildlife & Natural Resource Management

1. Diploma In Animal Prodction And Management

1. Diploma in Hotel Management
2. Diploma in Tourism Management
3. Diploma in Hotel and Hospitality
4. Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management
5. Diploma in Hotel and Restaurant Business Management
6. Diploma in Recreation and Events Management
7. Diploma in Tourism and Hotel Management

1. Diploma in Community HIV/AIDS Care
2. Diploma in Clinical & Community Nutrition
3. Diploma in Occupational Therapy
4. Diploma in Health Management & Leadership
5. Advanced Diploma in Health Services Management
6. Diploma in Medical Entomology & Parasitology
7. Diploma in Medical Radiography
8. Diploma in Occupational Therapy
9. Diploma in Ear, Nose & Throat, Head and Neck Surgery
10. Diploma in Orthopedic Technology
11. Diploma in Anesthesia
12. Diploma in Palliative Care
13. Diploma in Public Health Dentistry
14. Diploma in Medical Audiology
15. Diploma in Environmental Health Science
16. Higher Diploma in Clinical Instruction
17. Diploma in Dental Technology
18. Diploma in Physiotherapy