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Welcome to Our New Website

Our dear stakeholders we welcome you to our newly re-designed website.

Our communications and IT teams have been busy trying to change the layout to provide a more interactive and informative graphical user interface that is quick to communicate our business and use as more visual cues as possible.

We have repackaged our content to make it clutter free, precise and more personalized to enrich the experience of every stakeholder who interacts with us. We have new informational portals specific to our Beneficiaries, Loanees, Institutions and Employers.

Our core business of lending and establishing a revolving fund is simply highlighted. Templates for other devices and browsers are fully responsive. We have also fast-tracked the process to coincide with the call for the 8th Cohort of applicants.

We hope you have a great experience and plead for your patience as we make more resources available. We also wish to hear your feedback. Reach our Head of Communications on or 0782940384

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