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Student Loan Applications for the AY2022/23 Now Open

The Executive Director, Higher Education Students’ Financing Board (HESFB) has announced the Call for study loans to the 9th Cohort of the Students’ Loan Scheme for the Academic Year 2022/23.

This year’s application will that commences on Monday, 18th July, 2022 will run till 15th September, 2022 to coincide with the 1st Semester of the AY2022/23 for Higher Education Institutions.

In the applications, Mr. Michael Wanyama says that this year’s application will continue to run an affirmative action for Persons with Disabilities who can apply to any programme of their choice in humanities and sciences. Female applicants too will be given extra marks as are applicants that hail from the Greater Northern Region (West Nile, Lango, Acholi and Karamoja) Regions.

Applicants from Buvuma and Kalangala Districts too are advantaged. Click here to Apply for the Students Loan Scheme

Download full Press Statement below

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  1. Auma Felly

    Do you also accept certificate applicants ?

  2. Nuwahereza Moris

    That’s good


    Its my humble pleasure to find this opportunity in these kind of hard finances

  4. Atuhamye Cranimus

    How do I apply for loanscheme 2021/2022

  5. Namirembe violar

    Loan scheme in Uganda is of more use than harm to most of us the vulnerables

  6. Muhindo Glowary

    What are the attachment documents required, please?

  7. Kooko Andrew Martin

    How do I apply

  8. Irene Akelo

    Thank you for such a good opportunity, am also interested in getting a loan scheme to join university

  9. Wunenwarach okethi kellen

    When is the closing date for the application yet we have just applied to the various university and the shortlist are not yet out.

  10. Nahamya Godwin

    When is the deadline


    Which email format is necessary here please

  12. Guma bilon

    I applied last u never , considered me , I hope it won’t this time round please, this time round help needy Ugandan 🙏🙏

  13. Guma bilon

    I applied last year you never , considered me , I hope it won’t this time round please, help needy Ugandan 🙏🙏
    Thank you

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