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Students Lose Loans Opportunity due to Falsification of Information

About 47 Students’ Loan Opportunities have been cancelled following the discovery that Beneficiaries had falsely declared information about their backgrounds, medical history and some presented forged documents.

 “Following the release of the 7th Cohort of the Students’ Loan Beneficiaries in January 2021 for the AY2020/21, a verification exercise was conducted to ascertain the integrity of the information provided by the beneficiaries at the point of application as established in Section 21 of the Higher Education Students Financing Act, 2014,” reads a Press Statement released on September 27th, 2021.

The exercise established that 47 Student Loan Scheme Beneficiaries all in their First Year of study at different Higher Education Institutions had falsified information regarding their background (Orphanage), disability status while others had doctored academic documents.

Section 38 of the HESF Act, 2014 states that, “an applicant who makes a false statement to the Board or in any document submitted to the Board commits an offence and is liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding forty eight currency points or to imprisonment not exceeding twenty four months or to both.”

Read more on the Press Release Here.

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  2. Birabwa Rehema

    How can I apply

  3. Isaac

    But just in case an applicant fails to secure a loan, he is forced home since you release list of successful applicants when campuses are already in operation. Why don’t you release lists early before semister comenciment

  4. Onen Denis

    Any opportunity for Msc courses? I already have a Bsc. Qualification and would love to upgrade for a master’s program by applying for the students loan scheme

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